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Are you making a website, advertising your business, crafting a proposal, starting a newsletter, or doing any other writing in English?

Are you worried it's incorrect, awkward, or maybe just a bit boring?

I can help! I'm an experienced proofreader and editor, and I can take your writing from messy and drab to clean and engaging.

Whatever you're writing, I'll make sure it's strong, clear, and easy to read. Your text will look more professional, sound more natural, and engage your readers or customers more effectively.

I'll also check for grammar errors, inconsistencies, and other common mistakes. When I'm done, your writing will be as polished and perfect as it can be.

I have a university degree in English Literature and more than four years of proofreading/editing experience. I've worked with clients from the Netherlands, Estonia, Czech Republic, Italy, China, Switzerland, and more.

Contact me now for rates and other information!
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