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SEK2600000 / 2000m2 - Noppikoski Adventure Hotel (Noppikoski)




NOPPIKOSKI Adventure Hotel with Restaurant and Service for sale.


In Noppikoski, Sweden we have an adventure hotel/hostel with multiple buildings, restaurant, gas station and a kiosk for sale (Described in detail below). It is located in Dalarna, Sweden.

Dalarna is called the most Swedish province of Sweden. It has everything: beautiful and rugged NATURE, with lots of flora and fauna, CULTURE, ancient traditions, folklore, art, museums and many tourist attractions.

Dalarna is a beautiful place for holidays in all seasons. It has four real seasons. A spring with beautiful flowers. Long, hot summer nights when it barely gets dark. Autumn with brilliant fall colors, berries and mushrooms. And real winters with snow and ice. In the summer the temperatures are very pleasant, and the cold winters are bearable because of the dryness and bright sunny days.

The location offers a lot of outdoor activities such as:


Walking and hiking
Cycling and biking
Playing Golf
Water activities


Ice skating
Snowmobile driving
Snowshoe walking

We believe this is an exceptional opportunity for somebody who wants to escape the rat race / big city and move to the countryside and reconnect to mother nature and run this hotel / hostel in combination perhaps with some of the outdoor activities mentioned above. Fishing and hunting tours in the area would be a very popular and profitable activity to offer.


For sale is a complex of multiple buildings. They are located near each other, but it is not just one large property. There are two villas and one ‘hostel’ which has around 60 beds in total with bathrooms, kitchens and common areas. There is also a restaurant, kiosk and a gas station with electric car charging station.

This property was leased out to the Government for a few years and after the contract expired the owner has retired and does not want to actively restart this business. Seller prefer the new owner to take over and set his own personal touch to the business.

More details of all the parts of this opportunity will follow below:

”Villa Noppikoski” (Orsa Besparingsskog 1:3)
(This villa is located on the same address/lot as the gas station and restaurant)
– The villa is a ”Mockfjärdshus” from 1961.
– The villa was completely renovated inside 2017/
– Heat pump (IVC, air/water) from 2017.
– 4 bedrooms with 14 beds in total. The villa has two levels.
– Kitchen with stove, oven, micro, freezer / fridge and kitchen utensils.
– Bathroom and shower on the lower level and bathroom on the upper level.
– Sauna with a shower is located in the basement.
– Small gym with exercise bike, multi-machine, rowing machine etc is also located in the basement.

– Laundry room with washing machine, ironing board etc.

– There is a TV with a satellite box with a lot of channels in the living room.
– Wireless internet in the whole building (Ubiquity dishes)

”Lyan”. (Orsa Besparingsskog 1:11)
– This is a wooden house from the early 1900. It has been renovated many times and the latest upgrades were made in 2017.
– The kitchen, hallway, Toilet and shower was completely rebuilt during 2015.
– Heat pump for heating (Mitsubishi W85 Ecodan, air/water) installed 2014

– Modern tile roof with brick structure.

– Two separate apartments with own entrances and passages to the hallways.
– 8 rooms with a total of 24 beds on two levels.
– Kitchen with stove, oven, micro, freezer / fridge and kitchen utensils on both floors.

– Toilet with shower on both levels.
– Laundry area in the basement.
– TV with lots of channels in the living room.
– Wireless internet in the whole building (Ubiquity dishes)

”Vandrarhemmet” (Hostel). (Orsa Besparingsskog 1:12).
– Wooden structure that was originally built in the early 1900 but has been renovated many times.
– Heat pump for heating (air/water)

– Modern tile roof with brick structure.

– 6 rooms with a total of 22 beds on two levels.
– Kitchen with stove, oven, micro, freezer / fridge and kitchen utensils on each floor.

– Toilet and shower on each floor.
– Laundry room on the lower floor

– TV with lots of channels in the kitchen on upper level.
– Wireless internet in the whole building. (Ubiquity dishes).
– Large parking area between this building and ‘Lyan’.
– Carport with four slots.
The Restaurant
The building is a modern wooden house called ‘Furudalshus’ and the size is 250 m2.
It was built originally in 1990 but was expanded in 1997.
It has about 60 seats indoors and during summer season we have an additional 25 seats outdoors.
The restaurant is characterized by props from the past until now, with both pictures and texts from the good old times.

Our menu is a mix of home cooking where we cook all our dishes by ourselves, such as elk pies and char fillet.

The bestseller is our own elk patties in cream sauce, served with raw lingonberries.

A lot of effort and time has been put in to develop these recipes before we ended up with the perfect result which we used now for many years. We also make most of our sauces and dressings ourselves.

There is a Barbeque area near the customer are where it is possible to produce at the same time you welcome guests. In the kitchen area there is hot air oven, radiators, stove, dough mixer etc. We have a small menu compared to most restaurants but with high quality dishes. Most equipment in the kitchen are in good condition or brand new. There is everything that is needed such as freezer rooms, cold rooms, boxes, dry storage and also an office with two good computers with intranet system and a good internet connection that supports all buildings. There are CCTV installed at the cashier area.

”Macken/Serveringen”. (Orsa Besparingsskog 1:3)
Gas Station
It is open 24/7 and has a newer credit card machine that accepts VISA, Master Card etc. The Gas station offers both gasoline and diesel.
The automatic station is connected to two pumps which has 95 and diesel on both pumps.
There are three cisterns with a capacity of 10 000 liters each. Two are connected with 95 and one with diesel.
This is a ’white station’ which means there are no connections or agreements with any supplier, so it is possible to buy from any supplier. Everything is automatic and handled by the customers.
Electric car charging station
This has been recently added. It is a self-service unit which we don’t own.
Convenient store / Kiosk
Most of the goods being sold is candy, ice cream and sodas. But there are also a small selection basic goods such as coffee, cans, beer, cigarettes and during summer time we also have milk, cheese. The kiosk is about 25 sqm and it shares the same cashier as the restaurant. Basically, there are two lines for one cashier.
Noppikoski is closer than you think! We are not located in the northern parts of Sweden.

Noppikoski is located 50km north of the town Orsa in Dalarna. If you travel along E 45 north, you pass the small scenic village at the Ore river.

Through the neighboring village Älvho, in the summer time people are passing through via the rail road.

Trains stops in Orsa, Mora, Sveg and Östersund.

From Stockholm the easiest way to reach Noppikoski would be:

Drive European Road ‘E4’ to Uppsala (about 70 km).

Road 72 to Sala, (about 50 km).

Road 70 till Mora (about 190 km).

National Highway 45 (Inlandsvägen) to Noppikoski (about 70 km).

If you are coming from Östersund you simply drive the E45 south about 260 km.

Useful information about the area:

Pictures of the property and other items included in the sale.


Price for this property is: 2,6 Million Swedish Krona. (About 268,000 USD or 243,000 Euros).
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