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You will be earning XCC coin daily upto 2.5 % a day of your package

and max XCC coins you can earn is based on your package ..

So for $100 package example : you will get max 1050 coins

For $250 Package : max 2750 coins and so on....

Also XCC coins work on a concept

called Proof Of Ownership...

The only way to earn XCC coins is to purchase XCrypto Biz

Trading Packages and with every purchased pack , x number of

XCC coins get mined from our XCC Blockchain and paid out to you


In order to make XCC coins a valuable coin , we have introduced

the concept of halving rewards every few weeks i.e every few weeks

the number of coins which you will be getting for a XCrypto Biz

package purchase will reduce by exactly 50 % as difficulty levels

will double there by doubling the value of the coin !

The time duration between different halvings will depend on the demand

and supply ratio and a complex mathematical formula which at this point in

time we would like to keep private !

So Projected price of coin based on 12 halvings estimated in next 12-18 months is

Halving 1 : 10 Cents

Halving 2 : 20 Cents

Halving 3 : 40 Cents

Halving 4 : 80 Cents

Halving 5 : $1.60

Halving 6 : $3.20

Halving 7 : $6.40

Halving 8 : $12.80

Halving 9 : $25.60

Halving 10 : $51.20

Halving 11 : $102.40

Halving 12 : $204.80

And so On...

Note : This is just an estimate as time period between different halvings

is a variable factor which cannot be predetermined...

You can calculate your ROI yourself if you decide to

accumulate as many XCC coins as possible

Note : We will also be introducing Member to Member

exchange of XCC coins and the prices could be much higher than

the prices at which members are getting the coins.....

All Depends on demand and supply.....

Needless to say XCrypto.Biz Can Be The Most Profitable

Investment and business of your life

Focus on it - Get Busy Building Your teams big and lets create

history together....

You Can Make Upto $100k/Day In XCrypto Biz

In Binary Income Also And No Upper Limit On Referral

Income !

Your Binary Daily Income Limit Is = Your Package Price

Since Our Highest Package Is $100k So Your Daily Binary

Limit Is $100k
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