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Work from home by small investments with sizable returns daily

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kompensation: Depends on the investment (starts from 50 Euro)

I heard about this algorithm (RJV-12) developed by a professor at oxford university. Its basically an algorithm (bot) that scalps crypto on tge rise or decline and the company states it has a 97+% accuracy rate.
The company has launched a new platform for “profit sharing” and guarantees a daily ROI or 1% up to $300 invested- 2% ROI daily $300-1000 and 3% ROI $1000+ all with option to reinvest daily profits for compounding the pricipal. The principal you deposit is locked in for 365 days but we will see. With interested and return like they decribe you could see your entire investment returnes almoat immediately.
It seems too good to be true, but is it?
I gave it a shot and put in about 95$ in BTC to see what happens. you can deposit a minimum of $50 but if you put $1000 or more you get 3% return. I transferred 100$ worth of BTC and I’ve gotten a 1% return two days in a row.

I started a second account and we put in 2000$ we got a 3% (60$ payout) two days in a row
Heres a link to their dashboard to see for yourself==>

You can also join a group on Telegram to receive more Info or proof. It's called: TC-opportunity
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